Blockchain & Smart Contract Consulting

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Expert Services

Some of the services we offer

Consensus Mechanisms

Implementing blockchains consortium blockchains or development on public blockchains. Need to fork Ethereum and add a custom consensus? Tendermint? Let's talk.

Custom Tokens

Developing Ðapps using ERC20, ERC223 and non-fungible tokens.

IoT & Blockchain Integration

Having trouble storing data on-chain? Let's discuss how off-chain storage mechanisms.

Smart Contracts and Ðapp Development

Whether you are planning on implementing an Intial Coin Offering (ICO) or developing a decentralized application, we are here to help.

  • Smart Contracts

    Secure and audited implementations of smart contracts.

  • Whitepaper

    Professionally curated whitepaper writing services.

  • Server side APIs

    Developing REST APIs on the backend and storage implementation.

  • Testnet

    Deployment on testnet before deploying on mainnet.